Each year the Office of the Registrar issues a listing of courses to be taught during the fall and spring semesters and the times they will be taught. Students should consult this announcement of courses to obtain the most current information about course offerings, as the College does not offer every course listed in the following pages each year.

Courses numbered 100-199 are usually at a beginning level. Intermediate courses are numbered 200-299. Courses numbered 300-399 are at an upperclass level. Courses numbered 400 and above are advanced seminars, internships, and individualized studies.

Courses with two numbers, e.g., ARTH 111,112, span two semesters. For courses separated by a hyphen, the first numbered course must be taken as a prerequisite for the second. Where the two numbers are separated by a comma, either of the semesters of the course may be taken independently of the other.